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Please be advised that the following person(s) is either renting, are my guests, or are members of my family. (Definition of a Family Member: Spouse, father, mother, siblings, sons, daughters, in-laws, grandparents, and grandchildren). It is my desire that these persons enjoy the use of the LLH facilities for golf, fishing, boating, tennis, pickleball, swimming, game room, shuffleboard, and other common amenities of LLH during their stay at my home. We understand that applicable fees will be charged and paid to the POA in advance for such use. Furthermore, the property owner is responsible for providing the identification requirements for their guest.

POA Members are responsible for any damages caused to POA facilities by their guests or their renters.


(1) All short-term vacation rentals in the State of North Carolina are subject to the provisions of the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act (chapter 42A NC Statutes). Among other important provisions, the Act requires there be a written rental agreement which contains specific language and also addresses numerous specific requirements which must be provided for in the written agreement and honored by the landlord and tenant. A brief summary of the Act can be found at the link on the LLH website, and all renters are encouraged to read it. The full statute can be found at

(2)As owner of the property you are renting, you are required to sign a LLH Owner’s Statement of Compliance with Short Term Rentals Policy. By signing that statement, you confirm you have complied with the Vacation Rental Act, including the requirement of a written rental agreement and including compliance with all of the State and county safety code requirements applicable to your property being rented.

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