Where to Keep Up with Weather & Road Conditions in the High Country

weather conditions in boone

Winter is in full swing across the country, and the High Country is no exception. While there’s nothing quite like watching the snow fall across the Blue Ridge Parkway or having a fresh bed of powder when hitting the slopes, some days you just have to take a step back and let Mother Nature take her course. To help you stay safe and keep warm this winter season, we’ve put together some of the best resources for winter conditions and road closures in the North Carolina area.

Watauga County Roads and Weather Conditions (Twitter)

watauga roads and weatherAlso a popular website, Watauga Online has kept North Carolinians up-to-date on local weather conditions since 2011. Their active Twitter account makes staying alert about inclement weather even easier, with real-time updates on road closures and winter weather advisories for counties all across the High Country. Powered by a combination of weather radars, forecasts, and historical data, you can trust that you’ll be prepared for whatever may come this winter season with only your phone to guide you.

And their account isn’t all bad news, either – from picturesque views of the App State campus to some close-up shots of snowflakes in Boone, you’ll have front row access to the High Country in all its wintry glory. With short and sweet updates, Watauga Online’s Twitter is perfect if you’re on-the-go and want your news straight from the source.

Ray’s Weather Center

rays weather center booneIf you’re looking for something a little more comprehensive, head to Ray’s Weather Center for a detailed look at Boone’s daily, weekly, or even monthly winter forecast. The daily updates make sure you’ve got the most current weather conditions available, and a helpful “Snowman-O-Meter” lets you know whether it’s time to stay home, break out the skis, or leave your winter coat at home. Not only does Ray’s give you temperatures and snowfall predictions, but it also provides links to public service announcements and live webcams of various areas.

You can delve even deeper into Boone’s weather by selecting a specific location’s forecast on the left-hand toolbar – avid skiers can check out the Appalachian Ski Mountain page, while those looking to (safely) cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway’s sights might choose to view Blowing Rock’s weather instead. Either way, no matter how big or small your trip is, Ray’s has got you covered.

National Park Service – Blue Ridge Parkway

national parks service logoAs much as we love the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, icy winter conditions can often make long stretches of the road too dangerous to cross in the winter. To guarantee safety during these snowy months, be sure to visit the National Park Service’s site for updates on road, facility, and trail closures along the parkway. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or driving, the site will keep you informed on which mileposts are closed and for which dates. A real-time closure map provides a visual guide of the area, as well, reaching from Blowing Rock to Linville Falls to Asheville and beyond.

While some areas of the parkway may be closed off due to poor winter road conditions, other stretches cannot be blocked during closures – that’s why we highly recommend everyone to use the NPS site for a safe and memorable Blue Ridge Parkway experience.

Linville Land Harbor Webcams

We may not be meteorologists, but you can view in real-time what the weather conditions are. Our cameras are located throughout Land Harbor including a lake view and views from our golf course. Originally intended for our golf community to check out weather conditions before hitting the green, we’ve got to say, watching the snowfall in the winter is one of our favorite videos to watch.

Here in the High Country, we’re no strangers to the snowy winters that transform North Carolina each year. Still, you can never be too careful about weather and road conditions when it comes to staying safe and keeping warm – whether you want to go skiing in Blowing Rock, drive the Blue Ridge Parkway, or simply watch the snow fall at home.

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